Scholarships Eligibility and Guidelines

1st Episcopal District Women's Missionary Society
Dr. Lola Ames, First Episcopal District WMS Scholarship Commissioner

  •   Active member of the YPD in the First Episcopal District
  •   Students graduating from High School this Conference year
  •   Students who are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree
  •   Students who are currently pursuing an Associate or Vocational Degree
  •   MUST have no less than 3.5 GPA for Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram WMS Supervisor
  •   MUST have no less than 3.0 GPA for (Except Fubler Award)
  •   MUST have no less than 2.5 GPA for Book Awards
  •   Financial Need
  •   Typed, completed, and signed application.
  •   Three letters of recommendation: The Pastor, School Official, either Local YPD Director or Local WMS .        A MUST!
  •   An official transcript from the current school of attendance. High school seniors, please make sure that your   transcript contains your cumulative GPA for all semesters/years.
  •   Letter of introduction listing expressing why you should receive this scholarship. Must also be in typed           form.
  •   A copy of the Acceptance Letter from a post-secondary school (If entering as a new student or a letter of       enrollment from the College/University Registrar’s Office.)
  •   An essay: See below
Topic: The economy, immigration, race relations, Black Lives Matter movement, education, healthcare, and  gerrymandering are some of the current concerns of many Americans. Which one of these issues concerns you the most?  In a 500-word double-spaced essay, explain why it resonant with you.
Be cognizant of the following: grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph development, transition, and cohesiveness of thoughts and ideas. As you complete your word count, do not include a, an, the, are, is, etc.
Those selected to receive one of the top five awards will receive a phone call from the Episcopal District Commissioner. The winners of the book awards will be notified by U.S. Mail from the First Episcopal District Commissioner.  CHECKS WILL BE MAILED OUT AFTER THE SEPTEMBER, 2018 WMS Fall LUNCHEON.